Saturday, January 12, 2008

Well I was at work today of course and I was cooking, turned around and seen my good friend Anmar! I missed him. I didn't know what happened to him because after the one semester of school that ended in July, he kind of dissapeared. He was the first person that I ever knew from Baghdad. He changed my thoughts completely of Iraqi's. Being an American I wasn't exactly used to being around anyone from the middle east. I only ever knew one person in my life remotely close to that area and he was from Egypt. And thats in was my sons babysitters' husband....anyways, on with it...

He was funny and so different then what I had expected or ever knew. We became pretty good friends in school and we always hung out together when it wasn't class time. He even confided some things in me which I thought was nice. Thats what friends do! Anyways when I seen him today I was so happy, and he just accidently came in there today and he said he was happy to see me too. He had some friends with him and I took care of their lunch for them.

So I told him how another class mate of ours will be back from Spain soon and Anmar was happy to hear that. He said that all of us need to hook up for coffee. Deffinately!

Other then that not much happened. Was a long day at work. Tired. I brought some muffins home that I baked this morning at work. They turned out pretty good. I made blueberry ones with some thinly sliced almonds on top and then I made some apple ones with cinnamon and a little cardamom in it too. Those are my favourite ones. I ate one with my supper..hehe

What else? On the way home I sat on the spårvagn and dazed into space listening to my Leona Lewis mp3's and tried to juggle my purse, the muffins, a bag of work clothes and also the umbrella. Somehow I managed to actually not think of anything, not food, even though I was starving, not the dog, nothing. My brain went blank soon as I walked out of that place. If the ipod wasn't playing then maybe I would of had some sort of brain activity. Alas there was none. Sometimes I wonder where the time goes when I am on my way home.

How long did it take? Did I miss something, afterall I was looking out the window but managed to not see a thing. Is it normal for one's brain to click off when out the door of work? I haven't really noticed this before. Maybe it's age.

Speaking of mp3's, I really reccommend dowloading Leona Lewis' new Cd Bleeding Love. I heard that particular song a million times but the other songs are crazy the way she sings. I haven't heard anyone with a voice like hers in a long long time. She sang Whitney Houstons ( I will always love you) song on X-factor, the show that made her famous and I have to say nobody ever has sang that song like Whitney like Leona, She's that good.

Either way I'll stop babbling. I have to say though that blogging from the comfort of my bed is freakin' niiiiiiiice!!!


mom said...

Sounds like you had a half decent day s
at work. Glad you got to see your friend. Eat a muffin ir make me one and send it to me,lol.Love you. momXXXXXX

Maja said...

Sometimes when I'm driving I zone out and when I come to I realise that I've been driving without paying any attention and can't remember anything about that part of the trip.

Mrs CeCrux said...

Hey mom! I actually made more muffins today but all the customers ate them more. As we say here in Sweden, tvärr!..hehehe

Maja: I've done that a few times, zoning out while diving. Kinda scary.

Anonymous said...

Always nice to meet a good old friend !