Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy Thursday

I am sad to say that I will not be attending Rhinebeck this year. It would have been my first but other things have to come first. There is always next year though and Maryland is in May so I don't have much longer to wait for that.

I took a good look at my list on Ravelry and right now I have 6 projects on the needles. Thats my limit. It looks like 7 with the Effortless Cardigan but I will not be casting on for that soon. I really have to try and finish some things I have going on already.

I've sort of set myself up for another goal to help me reach my original one. Or should I say a list to help me through my goal. That being finishing the Galici hat today. It won't take much, it's almost done as it is. Then onto my Whole Wheat cardigan because I only have one sleeve to go. That right there knocks two off my list and sets me down to 5 projects.

Next will be my Crocus cardigan because that too only needs sleeves and a button band. I'll be then down to 4, and then I'll have a look at what is left and then re-sort again for the final 3 projects. I'm thinking the Andrea shawl will come next because it's all stockinette stitch and will be easy to function with at work. I'm sure the Ailbe mittens will be after because lets face it, winter is moving in fast!

That should take care of it all with only my hand spun afghan next. I do have 2 skeins spun up ready to be crocheted into it, I will of course need more......I hope I can stick through this and have the Effortless cardigan done this winter.

I would also like to get a move on my Ravelry Queue as well and get that knocked away but..ughh! I let it get too big. It is part of my goal but I need to tackle what I have going on now first. I wish I had an FO today to show you but I have not...hopefully by the end of the day :)

Wish me luck and Happy Knitting!

Oh and my friend Carmel had something made for me. It is soooooo cute! It's a keychain, but it's one of a kind..
Cute or what???? --->

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