Monday, October 11, 2010


I can't get over being in someone else's website. I'm really excited about this. Carmel had knit one of my patterns and they put a link to me here. I feel really lucky. There are also lots of other great designs as well, Go check it out on America's Knitting.

Also I had finished the Galici hat and a co-worker wants one now. This is great for me because I need to reknit it so I can write the pattern down as I go, and my good friend Leo said he was fine with me publishing it for others to make :) Yay!

And here is a picture of my fiancee' with it on. I thought I better get a few pictures before I send it off to Sweden


Carmelknits said...

i love it!! I showed it to my brother who wants one now!! can't wait for the pattern!! Plus, your patterns are fabulous and deserve as much recognition as possible!! I love knitting your stuff!!

Ms. Kimba said...

awww thats great! I'll let you know when the pattern is ready, if not today then tomorrow :)

kleinkeks said...

love it! knitted caps are the best! :) their warm and look always good. good work!