Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Wednesday

Currently I am on my sock kick and it's going pretty well....pretty well for a girl who likes to only make one sock. I have 1 sock finished, another sock almost done and neither of them have their mate yet. I seem to never have an issue making one sock, and making another different one yet again, but to make a matching bores me.That's my downfall right there.

So this is what I have thus far.....

Brainless: Sock #1 I just have to work the cuff and start it's mate. For my sister Cindy. Made with Dream in color Starry. I don't like toe up socks...blech!

Plain sock: Sock #1 just needs a mate, for my sister Cindy, made with Pagewood Farm

I.B. Footsie: The start of #1. For me. The picture does NOT do the color of the sock justice. It looks more of a green mottled color and pretty uniform. I'm happy with the color choice...hopefully on a less rainy day I can get a better picture. Made with Malabrigo. I'm loving the pattern thus far...simple and easy (designed by my friend Heather from our knit group) She's so smart!

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Carmelknits said...

I love how all the socks are coming out!!!! Especially the starry!