Friday, December 9, 2011


Many of you have heard about the book that Hannah Fettig & Alana Dakos had written, Coastal Knits. I pre-ordered the book just like a lot of people, mostly because in the pre-order package was the one pattern that I was dying to knit.

I have never in my life wanted to knit a sweater as bad as this. However, I have had the book now for a month, two maybe? And I just got my hands on the yarn. It was a struggle to wait.

Last night I cast on. I just want to sit and squeeze the yarn in my fingers because it feels softer than silk. I cannot wait to feel the finished product on my shoulders. I am using the secondary yarn that they suggested, Malabrigo worsted in Natural. So it will look just as pictured above & below.
I am thinking this will be a fast knit as the needle size required is a 10.5. That's pretty big for worsted but it will give the cardigan a nice and light feel.

Also, I received an email last week and was told that the book I have been contracted for is underway. I signed the contract and mailed it in the other day. In January I will get the yarn and then I can begin knitting my design for the book. I will have a nice 60 day period to have it finished and mailed in.

This is going to be a book for release in next winter I'm guessing by the way things are going. Which puts this whole thing in at a total of a year and a half from the time I designed it till the time the book gets released. Good thing I'm patient.

Happy Knitting

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Witness said...

I knitted one exactly like that.