Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Change of plan

Originally I had planned to knit a cabled sweater, and then I couldn't spin my singles up to be the right thickness. I had gotten so used to spinning fingering and lace weight yarns, that I struggle making a thicker yarn. From what I hear this is true for a lot of spinners. 

I am able to spin up a sport weight yarn. This is quite the miracle for me. 
So I will just change what pattern I will be knitting to suit my yarn making skills.

By: Amy Christoffers
I love this little number. 
It's simple and it has this little panel on the chest that just...
I don't know exactly, but I love it!

What I can't decide now is do I leave the yarn I am spinning the natural creamy white color, or do I dye it and risk an uneven dye..??? It's possible. I am not a professional dyer.
It's a chance I might take. 

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