Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I am a sad, sad person.
Since I have no more deadline knitting for the time being, I have resorted to trying to finish a sweater I started....a year ago.
Yup I did say a year ago.

I took a new picture of it today, loaded it onto my Ravelry project page, and because I keep track of dates etc...It shows I have been knitting this sweater, in stockinette, for exactly 1 year and 4 days.

I have only 10 1/2" done.

I blame this on a few things.

#1 Deadline Knitting
Reason: Well I think the title explains it all. I had three a few deadlines in fact, so I had to set the sweater aside while I worked on those projects and the pattern writing etc etc.....

#2 Good Weather
Reason: Well in between my deadline knitting there was summer which makes me want to be outside. But it was more than just being outside in the good weather that put my sweater on hold. See #3

#3 Motorcycle
Reason: (yes that's me on my bike) If not for this love of my life fine piece of equipment, I would have been sitting outside in the sun knitting away on my sweater. Instead I was enjoying the breeze in my hair. Then came along deadlines #2 & #3.

So now I have resorted to taking it to work and when I have a minute to spare, I put on a few stitches. When I have a ten minute break, I add on a row or four.
When I come home from work, I am spinning my fleece for my sheep to sweater project.

So all in all by this coming fall/winter I hope to have 2 sweaters ready to wear. If I can accomplish this, then I can do anything!

Happy Knitting!

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