Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I was undecided what to do with my fleece that I had purchased from MS&W. 
Should I wash it myself?
Should I take it to the mill?

My first small test batch did not wash so well and considering last year, I ended up taking it to the mill. 
I decided that I would just do the same again this year. 
Well last night I decided to wash a second batch, but go about things a different way and read up a bit more on it before I tried again.


So I am thinking I will avoid the mill and continue on in my progress on making that sweater 100% myself.

I did the math on the cost of buying yarn for a sweater versus buying a fleece and doing it all by hand. The savings are ridiculous. The time and effort put into it is so worth it in the end for me.
Also I enjoy everything that goes into it:
Preparing, scouring, carding, spinning and knitting.

So far I have half a spindle full of singles that will be a dk weight yarn, which is perfect for the sweater I will be knitting. I only need about 1500 yds.

Oh boy, wish me luck!

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